Las Vegas, NV – During SEMA the front lot of the Convention Center turns into a high octane alley of automotive shenanigans.

The ponies of the Formula DRIFT Mustang duo were turnin’ and burnin’ on the tandems as Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa not only gave vicious rides but put in plenty of low speed tandem practice.

On to the baddest Prius on the planet, now before you bring your pitch fork mob after me, hold up, this is a rear-wheel drive Mopar Hellcat supercharged monstrocity which was built for tearing up drag strips. DAMN!

If you’re coming out to SEMA on the hunt for furniture look no further; this adjustable coilover table from the folks at CUSCO USA will support as many fried turkeys or presents as you can stack on it during this holiday season.

The KONIG booth was very crowded whenever Rob Parsons was out signing autographs next to his LS swapped S13 and it was refreshing to see all of the grassroots drift cars on display at this year’s show.

The [HOONIGAN] takeover at SEMA was pretty apparent as the Hoonicorn of Ken Block was joined by Parsons and Hert (covered in part 1) and we must ask: How strong of a driving force has YouTube become for automotive content? BTW be sure to check out the one hour SEMA special by thehoonigans.

Ford was deeply represented at SEMA and they seem to be years ahead of what other brands are doing in terms of spreading their avenues in terms of the diversity of vehicles which represent them. This 70s Escort is part of a legacy of dominance in WRC which Ford enjoyed before the deadly Group B era of the 80s.

Today what began with rally stages has turned into one of the fastest expanding motorsports as the GRC series pits high torque rally beasts in wheel to wheel action; as you can clearly see from the door of this Civic.


words/ Carlos Cano Estrella @canoasada    photos/ Debbie Meda @tacomonst3r

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