DC Blog: The New Spot, Salinas Airport

Salinas, CA – What’s good everyone? Carlos here with a brief description of the new venue: Salinas Municipal Airport.

DC Blog: Matt Field Tests 1,050 HP C6 Corvette

Marina, CA – What up tho, I’m Carlos, and right now, I can still hear the raucous sounds of a supercharged 427 cubic inch LS reverberating through Marina as Matt Field @mattfield777 put his Formula Drift Corvette through its paces for the first time.

SEMA 2017 Part 2: Decked Halls, Hoonigans, and Hard Driving

Las Vegas, NV – During SEMA the front lot of the Convention Center turns into a high octane alley of automotive shenanigans.

SEMA 2017 Part 1: RX-7 Heaven

Las Vegas, NV – They came from all corners of the U.S. sporting body panels of all shapes and sizes (some being powered by rotaries and others by pistons) to represent the RX-7 community in full force at the 2017 SEMA Show.

Low Power Heroes: Tips on Drifting Low Power Cars Part 1

Hello Drift Fam, thanks for your valuable time. Now the image you see above is not a joke; it’s part of a tradition of low powered cars put together with a high setup IQ and a heavy emphasis on driving technique. In anticipation of the many stock engine S-chassis at the upcoming event we put……