Salinas, CA – What’s good everyone? Carlos here with a brief description of the new venue: Salinas Municipal Airport.

I know I can speak for both Debbie (pictured drifting up here) and I when I say that we’re excited to welcome you into this new space.

Pictured here you’ll see both our small course, which Rylan and Daniel are running, and to the right is the figure 8 skid pad.

Here’s a look at the figure 8 skid pad, which can be used by drivers who are beginners learning basics or experienced drivers looking to up their tandem skills.

On the other side of the venue we setup our large/main course which can have drivers hitting third gear and drifting through multiple types of corners which require different skill sets to navigate.

Testing at the site consisted of two full days and we tried to focus on different types of vehicles; from stock engine 240SXs like that of Hillary…

…to big horsepower swaps like the recently finished SC430 project of Dave which runs on a 2JZGTE setup and is reminiscent of the old Daigo Saito machine.

In the end we used everything from surveys to driver conversations and other tests but the best barometer for an event that is working is the smile factor, as shown up here by Christian Ngo who was testing not only our course but his recently street tuned FC3S RX7.

Just look at the smiles on the Salinas Toyota crew of Jayden, Josiah, Jason, and Dave posing as if they were at prom; and just for the record Jayden refused to have his dad directly behind him, I guess that would be weird.

What’s not weird is putting together a team of staff and drivers who can help bring the best possible event to fruition and I owe a big debt of gratitude to my homies, like Alex and Sherry, and all of the staff and drivers who were willing to be our test monkeys and shoot themselves into this new space for the benefit of drift kind. All jokes aside, I look forward to welcoming you to our new venue, peep the rules and event calendar and stay locked in on the DC ig for updates.