2018 Drift Central Rules


  • Once in the facility observe a 5 mph speed limit on access roads and in the pits
  • Drifting and burnouts are to be done only in the designated areas
  • Driver vehicles, spectator vehicles, tow vehicles, trailers etc. must keep the access roads clear
  • Drivers are responsible for the cleanliness of their pit area as well as their guests
  • Alcoholic beverages or other recreational drugs are not permitted on the premises
  • If your vehicle breaks down on track you must remain inside unless it is on fire


  • SA2005+ or DOT helmet required for drivers and passengers
  • Seat belts are required 4-point or more SFI harness recommended
  • Open top vehicles must have a minimum 4-point roll-bar (ex. Miata, S2000)
  • Batteries must have covered terminals and be strapped down (no zip ties or bungee cords)
  • Battery inside the driving compartment must be covered
  • Brakes will be inspected for pedal pressure and fluid level
  • Wheels must have all lug nuts present
  • Steering and suspension will be checked for play
  • Engine must be free of water, oil, fuel, and power steering leaks
  • A coolant reservoir must be present
  • No wires exposed
  • Gas cap has to be secured
  • Seats must be bolted down securely

Tandem Tech:

  • Includes regular tech
  • Vehicles must be equipped with a minimum 4-point roll cage with door bars
  • 5-point SFI harnesses for driver and passenger
  • Vehicles are subject to a re-inspection if there is a collision