Here are the results of the raffle! If you’re holding a winning ticket please contact us at info.driftcentral@gmail.com for more details.


Our first winners for this pair of DeatschWerks air fresherners are 72316508 and 7215400 and we promise that they do not smell like gasoline!


Next up we have a couple of keychains from STR Racing wheels with winners 7216566 and 7216452 and they do spin!


Next we have a pen from Winmax USA which came to us via Carlos Cano Estrella, winner 7216510 with the multicolor pen!


Next up is a shirt from Limitless Motorsports who made it to the event last weekend and were shredding hard. Winner 7216418.

str hat

Another one from STR Racing wheels this time a hat, winner 7216415.


Last in our raffle is a Turbo By Garrett decal autographed by Mad Mike Whiddett who drives in Formula Drift, winner 6216500.